You are probably already super excited about National Dance Day tomorrow (and why wouldn’t you be?), but did you know that tomorrow is also National Lipstick Day? 

That’s right, another seemingly random holiday that gives us all an excuse to indulge in things we love. In this case, lipstick!

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To celebrate National Lipstick Day, many of our favorite brands (including the expensive ones) will have their lipsticks on sale! 

One of those brands is Kat Von D. They are marking down their Studded Kiss Lipsticks tomorrow and selling them for just $15 instead of the usual $21. And, that's not all! Kat Von D is also giving away a free mini Everlasting Lipstick in the Nahz Fur Atoo shade with every purchase. All you have to do is use the code FREELIPSTICK at checkout!

MAC will also be giving away free lipstick on National Lipstick Day. All MAC stores and retailers will be giving out free lipstick tomorrow on a first-come-first-serve basis (Unfortunately, supplies are limited.). This lipstick will be full-sized, but MAC has not revealed what line or shade it will be! The only way to find out is to go grab one while they're available!

Where will you be getting your lipstick fix tomorrow?