If you've ever seen those beautiful leg raises that ballerinas call développés, and been envious, we know how you feel, but we also know that you can achieve your own perfect développé with a little extra practice and a better understanding of how the move works. 


Tips and Tricks:

  • You need a solid foundation for your développé, so it is important that you make sure to focus your weight on your supporting leg to allow your working leg to be more free and mobile.
  • Use your arms to balance your body and help you support your leg (arms in the air, leg in the air).
  • Remember that développés require you to focus on your whole body, not just your working leg.



  • When exercising your développé, don't just practice the step. This will mostly just exercise your thighs without increasing your range of motion when you bring your leg up. 
  • A good way to practice and better understand the muscles used and the movements of your développé is to do it lying on your back with your feet against the wall (as though the wall is the floor). Work through the développé with the same care and form you would if you were doing a développé while standing.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Stretch and warm up fully before doing any dance moves.
  • Practice frequently


  • Throw your leg (the goal is to be able to hold your développé, not just get your leg up there)
  • Over-stretch or over-exercise (know your limits)
  • Flex your back (You want a balanced and stable center to support you in this move.)