You are a dancer. Of course, dance makes you happy. But, did you know that it isn’t just your passion and dedication to dance that make you happy?

Dancing is a universal language. All over the world, cultures embody rhythms in different ways, creating their own styles of dance. You can find dance being used for fun, for rituals and ceremonies, to tell stories, and even just for exercise. Dancing is an emotional phenomenon experienced by everyone whether you’re a principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre or a novice getting your groove on in the shower. But how?

Dance is Social

Whether it's good or bad, when you see someone dancing, you know it. Dance allows us to express emotions wordlessly. In social settings, for instance, dancing with a group, dancing communicates emotion and makes everyone in the group feel more confident and more trusting. When you are dancing, you are communicating your best self to everyone around you!

Dance is Exercise


You probably know that exercise is good for you, but you may not know why. When you exercise, your brain releases "happy" chemicals like dopamine into your system. Those chemicals make you feel happier and less stressed!

Dance is Creative


Dance is an art form, and like any other art form, it helps us explore our emotions and our views of the world and express them. This creativity opens up your mind to future creative thinking and helps keep you inspired. 

Next time you need a boost, remember how dance impacts your life in so many different ways including increasing your happiness! You'll never feel down if you're always dancing.