Everywhere you turn theres someone grooving to a new beat. If the bass is bumping and the lyrics are on point you best believe there’s bound to be some killer choreography in the mix. Hip Hop hasn’t been around as long as some of our other dance styles, but there is no doubt that it is here to stay.

Here’s a quick clip of one of our Showstopper convention teachers Fik-Shun showing us how its done on SYTYCD.



There are so many stories that tell a different tale of when and where hip hop dance was developed. Some say it originated on the east coast and others say the west. Wherever it began we are just thankful it did. There are so many styles infused into this one that we think it came from everywhere. 

Hip hop can be a mix of ballet moves, breaking,popping african and island dance moves all mixed into one routine. You just have to make sure it's gritty and funky. Hip hop is whatever you want it to be and then some. 

Lyrical and gritty all in one routine!


Show us how you celebrate hip hop this month by sending in some of your best hip hop moves! They may just end up on the site!