Yea Yea we know there are new dance shows coming out everyday like JLo’s World of Dance, ┬ábut we’re still aloud to miss the ones that left us way too soon! Check out some of our favorites!

  1. 1 Dance On Sunset


    Tony Testa and the D.O.S crew were a weekday fav for all who got a chance to watch. This Nickelodeon show showcased new routines every week performed by some of the hottest teen dancers around. They even had special guests like THE Janet Jackson. Ugh we are waiting for the day they decide to bring it back!

  2. 2 Step It Up!


    This Lifetime show was cut way too soon. It extremely heartbreaking for those of us who thoroughly enjoyed watching a drama free studio with hardcore but loving teaching techniques by coach Traci Young. This show documented the YCDT Superstarz dance studio as they trained and performed throughout Miami. If you are a fan on Bring It, you may remember that they were one of the Dancing Dolls BIGGEST competitors. We would love to see a rematch someday or even better a renewal of Step it up!

  3. 3 Shake It Up!


    Disney channel had a real gem on their hands with this show. It gave us our first real introduction to Zendaya Coleman (Rocky) and Bella Thorne (CeCe). This dynamic duo gave us a look into what it takes to earn and keep spots as back-up dancers on a their local t.v show "Shake it Up Chicago". They always got into trouble, but somehow gave us major life lessons in the process. CeCe and Rocky we miss you!!

  4. 4 America's Best Dance Crew


    Ahh this one is an all time favorite. America's Best Dance crew created a platform for dance crews around the nation to show off their best dance moves. Each week they were presented with a theme, and boy did they kill it. This show gave us dance crews like the Jabawockeez, 8 Flavahs, Fanny Pack and so many more. We loved tuning in each week to see what would happen next! Bring it back MTV..PLEASE! Fun Fact: Traci Young from Step it Up was a member of Fly Khicks, a group that appeared on the third season of the show.

  5. 5 Bunheads


    Bunheads gave us so many real life lessons it's scary. This show gives us the insides of a mother daughter duo, brought together by their love of ballet. You also get to see the inside struggles of teen ballet dancers as they learn to cope with family, social and body issues. This totally relatable show needs at least one more season!