Ava & Alexis

Have you heard of the Mclure twins? Please say you have. If not you absolutely have to check out their youtube channel. Twins Ava and Alexis (Lexi) are the cutest set of twins since the Olsens. At just 4 years old this dynamic duo has taken over the internet with their witty and adorable videos. Their mother Ami and father Justin document all of their cuteness weekly through their youtube channel, and Facebook page. These videos can be anything from hair tutorials , to their mom asking them questions about “Dada’s” singing . My personal favorite is the video featured above where the girls find out that one sister is older than the other. The girls have become Americas newest sweethearts .Their countless videos and adorable appearances on Good Morning America and Inside Edition have made them little stars in their own right. These pint sized beauties are sure to make your heart melt. Make sure you check them out, but be careful, if you’re like me you may end up on a McClure twin binge.