March 8th is International Women's Day.

Throw some glitter in the air. Do a little dance. We're ready to celebrate!

So we're going to share some of our favorite female dancers with you.

1. Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)

Isadora Duncan is known for her efforts to break away from rigid ballet technique to enforce natural movements. Inspired by the classical Greek arts, folk dances, social dances, nature and natural forces she approached new American athleticism which included skipping, running, jumping, leaping and tossing. She was inducted into the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame in 1987.

2. Suzanne Farrell (1965-Present)

Suzanne Farrell is an American ballerina. Since the age of eight, she danced, growing up to perform the lead roles in many prestigious ballets. She has since retired due to arthritis but continues to teach today. She also runs her company, the Suzanne Farrell Ballet, which announced last year that it would be disbanding at the end of 2017.

3. Emily Johnson (1976 - Present)

Emily Johnson is an American dancer of Yup'ik descent. She is also an accomplished writer and choreographer. She runs her dance company, Catalyst, in Minneapolis. She has put together twenty-two original pieces, many of which were inspired by the struggles of the native people she shares a culture with.

4. Kathi Martuza (1979-Present)

Kathi (Kathleen) Martuza currently performs as a principal dancer for the Oregon Ballet Theatre. She formerly danced for the San Francisco Ballet. Martuza was named one of the "25 to Watch" by Dance Magazine. She has also been featured in Pointe Magazine.

These ladies have got us jumping for joy.

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What awesome women are you celebrating today?