ICYMI: A Boston Couple Shoveled a Race Track in the Snow for Their Greyhounds

It quickly became the cutest moment of 2018 so far.

A Bunny with a Book Deal!?

Will BOTUS do book signings?

You Can’t Help but Fall for 2017’s World’s Ugliest Dog

How could you not love this face? A Face Only a Mother Could Love This year's World's Ugliest Dog isn't the usual Chinese Crested. A 3-year-old, 125 pound, Neapolitan Mastiff named...

Animal Shelters: What to Expect When You’re Paws Deep in Volunteering

Do you love animals and all the cute things they do to make their way into our hearts? Well, there's no better way to help pets in need than to volunteer...

Meet “Bear-thoven” the Musical Bear Shaking Up YouTube and Colorado Homes

He probably knew he would be in treble, so he left. ?

How Well Do You Know Celebrity Dogs?

We've seen the celebrities with their pocket-sized pooches and over-pampered pups, but how well do you know them?

Showstopper Spotlight: An Interview With Ori, Showstopper’s First Bunny

You may have seen this bunny in Showstopper's Easter video and card. This Bunny's Basic Bio Name: Orwell (Ori for short) Birthday: December 10, 2016 Favorite Color: Powder Blue Favorite Emojis: 🥕🐰🐇  Favorite Type of Dance: Hip-Hop This is...

Have You Seen This Dancing Dog?

Secret the Australian shepherd is a multi-talented dog that can play the drums and even Irish step dance!

The Columbus Zoo Has Three Healthy Polar Bear Cubs and We’re Super Excited About...

Back in November, polar bear sisters Anana and Aurora both gave birth to cubs. Three months later, all three little bears are healthy and un-bear-ably adorable.

Can You Guess Dog Breeds By the Tail?

We love to see them wag, but how well can you pair these dog tails with their pedigrees?
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