Oh Hey Beyonce!

Can you imagine performing your heart out, running off stage and then realizing that THE Beyonce was in the audience the whole time? Well that was an amazing reality for a few dancers and we've got the insta posts to prove it. 

Beyonce's momma, Tina Lawson loves to document her daughters highest achievements (much like all of our moms).  It was no surprise when Mrs. Tina caught the amazing moment of daughter Beyonce shocking the dancers of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and a few of the girls Mrs. Knowles mentors at the Alvin Ailey dance showcase in LA. 

Ahhhh this is such an amazing moment. You can see the excitement on all of the dancers faces. Do you think you could be this calm if Beyonce walked in?

Queen Bey with Alvin Ailey dancers after an epic performance. Can you say jealous?!!?


Mrs. Tina and her mentor group "Tina's Angels" with Bey! Don't you wish you could be mentored by someone who raised the biggest star in the world?!!?



What an EPIC surprise for this group of dancers. I can only imagine how excited I would be if this ever happened to me!!

Have you ever been surprised by your favorite Celeb? Tell us about it down below!