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Veronica Good has been with Showstopper Magazine since 2016. When she isn't keeping you updated on the latest trends, she is at home with her many pets or probably playing The Sims 4. Veronica has a BA in English and an MA in writing from Coastal Carolina University. She is also a writer of fiction and poetry, and her work can be found in Archarios, Tempo, and Scapegoat.

Flashback to 2000: Nokia is Releasing a New 3310

If you've ever traversed the meme side of the internet, you've heard of this indestructible phone. Meet its new and improve twin.

Have You Seen This Dancing Dog?

Secret the Australian shepherd is a multi-talented dog that can play the drums and even Irish step dance!

Color Changing Hair!? THEUNSEEN Has a New Product We Can’t Wait...

We've all seen mood rings, color changing pencils, and the crazy hair trends of 2016, but are you ready for something that combines all three?

3 Exercises to Prepare Your Ankles for Pointe

When people think of ballet, they often think of more rigorous pointe work. Working en pointe is harder than working in flat shoes, but by working to prepare your ankles for pointe work, you can make the transition easier.

2017 Columbus Regionals Rundown

Our Columbus Regionals went over like a bucket of glitter in a dance studio, glitter-ific. Look at some of the amazing moves from regionals...

Do You Pronounce These Words Like Everyone Else?

Are you saying these like everyone else or do you stick out like a sore thumb?

The Columbus Zoo Has Three Healthy Polar Bear Cubs and We’re...

Back in November, polar bear sisters Anana and Aurora both gave birth to cubs. Three months later, all three little bears are healthy and un-bear-ably adorable.

Tell Us Your Favorite Color and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Type...

How close can we get to your favorite dance category just based on your favorite color?

Black History Month: Alvin Ailey

"Dance is for everybody, I believe that dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people." -Alvin Ailey