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Veronica Good has been the head writer for Showstopper VIP since 2016. When she isn't keeping you updated on the latest trends, she is at home with her many pets or probably playing The Sims 4. She is also a writer of fiction and poetry and has been published in the literary magazine Archarios.

Extreme Pillow-fighting: What is the Backpack Challenge?

This challenge is the newest crazy trend in students. Here's what it is and what we think about it.

Black History Month: Maya Angelou

"All great achievements require time." - Maya Angelou

Bringing the Studio Home: DIY Ballet Barre

Time to stop using counter, bed frames and bookshelves to get your legs up when you practice outside of the studio! Let's make a DIY ballet barre for under $50.

They’re Dating Who? Celebrity Couples Quiz

New year, new celebrity couples, they'll probably all break up by next week, but you can see how well you know them until then.

5 Must Reads for February

We think these five books are pretty spectacular! Read them and tell us what you think!

How to Strengthen Your Ankles Like a Pro

Ankle strength is important for all dancers. Strong ankles are important for working en Pointe as well as for doing the various types of leaps and jumps you may encounter in your dancing career.

10 Tips for Being Mentally Stronger

Mental strength is our greatest asset. How are you working toward being mentally stronger?

9 Habits that Will Make You More Successful

  Unfortunately, there aren't success potions and we can't just wake up successful, but there are things we can do to get us there! Success...

Can You Complete These Taylor Swift Lyrics?

You're probably the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever. Take this quiz to prove it!

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