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Veronica Good has been the head writer for Showstopper VIP since 2016. When she isn't keeping you updated on the latest trends, she is at home with her many pets or probably playing The Sims 4. She is also a writer of fiction and poetry and has been published in the literary magazine Archarios.

3 Questions that Will Help You Find Your Purpose

How many times have you heard someone talk about their "calling"? What is your purpose and how do you find it?

10 #MondayMotivations to Start Your Week Off Right

You're probably approaching Monday like But these Twitter users are here to encourage you to tackle Monday head on with their #MondayMotivations! 1. Sometimes the fields of...

6 Pieces of Advice from a Giraffe

Giraffes are symbols of grace and communication. They stand up to see the big picture. How can you embody these tall pieces of advice?

Which Disney Princess Are You?

There are eleven Disney Princesses in the official line-up. Which one matches you best?

What is Your Elephant Rope?

There is a fable in which a man visiting a circus passed by the elephants. He stopped, confused by the fact that each of...

5 Ways to Shut Down Your Inner Critic and Give Your...

It is easy to let your inner critic run amok, and that little monster sure does have some nasty things to say! But these...

10 Ways to Challenge Yourself Today

We live our lives day to day in our own routines, but it's good to switch it up once in a while and give...

6 Steps Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Face Your Fears The thing that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone is often fear. No matter what you are afraid of, taking small...

6 Pieces of Advice from a Mermaid

Mermaids are known for their elegance and beauty. Just like dancers, mermaids are passionate creatures. They are free spirits that can teach you many things about how to flip your fins, but these six pieces of advice are a good place to start.

4 Keys to Setting Successful Goals

When we set goals, it can be easy to write a bucket list of things that we want to accomplish in our lifetime. However,...
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