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Veronica Good has been the head writer for Showstopper VIP since 2016. When she isn't keeping you updated on the latest trends, she is at home with her many pets or probably playing The Sims 4. She is also a writer of fiction and poetry and has been published in the literary magazine Archarios.

2017 Regionals Rundown Galveston

We were in Galveston last weekend with some of our fabulous dancers, and we were happy as always with the amazing routines and skills...

2017 Regionals Rundown Concord

A lot happened at our Concord regionals last weekend! The Showstopper VIP writers were there getting to know our fabulous dancers, and  Sparkle Society...

Time to Get Silly! It’s National Goof Off Day!

Time to get out your mustache sunglasses!

Showstopper Spotlight: Meet Laila!

We met Laila at Showstopper Regionals in Concord! She is an amazing dancer and model that you just have to get to know! Name: Laila A. Birthday: December 5 Studio: Floyd Ward School...

QUIZ: What Mythical Creature Are You?

Are you more glittery or ferocious?

11 Outfits to Have You Looking Like a Modern Day Disney...

Princess don't always have to wear ball gowns (unless that's your thing).

Beauty and the Beast Hits Theaters Today! Here are the Things...

Our excitement is a tale as old as time.

Your Showstopper VIP Writers are Headed to Concord, NC

Come see us! We'll be having a blast at the booth surrounded by emojis.

3 Reasons Why Yoga is a Dancer’s Greatest Asset

What's your favorite yoga pose?

2017 Regionals Rundown Pittsburgh

Way to go, Pittsburgh! Not only did we get to see all the amazing moves from this rundown, but the entire weekend was filled...
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