ASOS recently put out this shirt, and it is confusing everyone.


Is it festival style owning all the weird it can? Is it like an odd sash? Is this the ugliest shirt in the world?

We've seen some odd festival outfits, including clothes that are literally just glitter paint.


But we're still not terribly convinced that the ruffle shirt fits in with these other crazy trends. Even with glitter paint, there's a method to the madness, but this shirt kind of looks like they stole a baby's tutu and slung it over a band shirt.

AND the band isn't even real!?

That's right. The shirt features a skeleton hand holding a blue flower along with the header "HNTJLZ." But that doesn't seem to be a real band. Fake band names and odd tutu sashes? We're still not sure we can get on board.

The model in the video pairs this odd shirt with leather (plastic???) pants and some stylish stiletto booties.


But even with all those competing textures, we can't look away from that purple mess of tulle ruffles. To rock this shirt, you definitely need to own your carefree, rocker vibe.

Not that we don't love tulle. We'd just rather wear it like this.


We've even got the rocker look going here.

What do you think about this shirt? Festival fashion or fashion fail?