You might have heard about what happened at Ariana Grande’s Manchester Arena performance last month. It was a tragedy that scared a lot of people, and that definitely shook the whole world no matter where they are from. The global community reached out right after with a lot of amazing support for the people affected by the attack and for Ariana herself.

This is even more amazing.

Ariana Grande is headed back to Manchester this Sunday to perform again alongside big names like Coldplay, Justin Beiber, and Miley Cyrus for her One Love Manchester benefit concert.

The concert sold out of almost 50,000 seats in six minutes, and all of the proceeds will be donated to those affected by the attack that happened at the first concert. Because of this, the tickets are being carefully monitored, any tickets that are resold for profits are being canceled by Ticketmaster in order to ensure that the benefit will be able to give all it can to the people of Manchester without other people taking advantage of what will probably be an amazing, emotional, and unmissable night.

But what if you can't go?

For those who can't either don't live in the UK or weren't fast enough to snag tickets in that six-minute window (which is probably most of us), the concert will air via ABC, BBCworldwide, and other international streaming services to bring it to everyone!

If you can't attend the concert but still want to help those affected,

There are many places like Bishyika who are using their products to raise money for the British Red Cross. You could purchase from retailers like them or donate directly to charities like the British Red Cross (just make sure to check that the charity is reputable before donating). 

The world is joining together with it's idols to do something good for the world. We can't wait, and we'll definitely be tuning in to see how the concert goes.