1. 1 Pick an Emoji

  2. 2 Pick an Odd Word

    Yes, they are all real words. (Maybe we should start using them more often.)

    1. Badmash
    2. Degust
    3. Erubescent
    4. Futz
    5. Luculent
    6. Pother
  3. 3 Pick a Warm Color

  4. 4 Pick a Cool Color

  5. 5 Pick a Drink

  6. 6 Pick a Popstar

Answer these Random Questions and We'll Tell You What Manicure Matches Your Personality

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  1. Quiz result

    French Manicure

    You don't need anything fancy to feel fancy. Besides, french manicures can get wild if you let them. Why not exchange white tips for neon green?

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  2. Quiz result

    Unicorn Manicure

    You nails never look alike. If you have ten of them, why shouldn't they all be different? Explore your possibilities. (And don't forget to throw some glitter on there.)

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  3. Quiz result

    Hot Pink Nails

    Clearly, you're a Showstopper through and through. You have to rock hot pink everywhere you go, and that definitely includes having bright and loud nails. (And we won't blame you if you toss some glitter in there.)

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  4. Quiz result

    Ombre Nails

    How could you decide on just one color when there are so many to choose from? You just can't. You have to combine them all in the most elegant way possible. 

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  5. Quiz result

    Glitter-fied Ring Finger

    You're wild and professional all wrapped up into one, and not matter how hard you try, you can't help putting glitter on everything you do. 

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  6. Quiz result

    Nail Art

    Every part of you is a masterpiece, but that doesn't mean you can't make your nails extra special with actual art.

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