1. Don't Make Excuses.

As dancers, we know that there is too much going on between genres, practices, and competitions to have time for making excuses. It's always time to dance, and the only excuse we're making is, "I can't. I have dance." 

2. Listen to Music.

And you really listen.  Music is footsteps and rhythms. Every time you hear a new song you're already planning out a freestyle routine in your head (don't think we didn't see you tapping your toes).


3. Shake it Off.

Everyone has haters, but as dancers, we know that we can't dwell on them. There will always be new judges, jealous teammates, or just the plain mean people that we sometimes encounter in daily life. We take constructive criticism and shake off the rest.

4. Master Their Inner Critics.

Everyone has an inner critic, but dancers have a special knack for pushing theirs down. There's no greater judge than yourself, and we know that, but we also know that judges are harsh so that you will improve, so we just keep on dancing and practicing our way to success.

5. Are in Tune with Their Bodies.

From simple stretching to pirouettes and proprioception, a dancer has to be able to understand the way her body works, moves, balances and more. We all know that being out of sync with your movements is a recipe for disaster, so we pay attention to every piece of our bodies. They are our masterpieces. 


6. Practice.

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, but dancers live by that phrase. We're always practicing even when we don't mean to (you can't tell us you've never pliéyour way down a grocery store aisle or done pirouettes between classes). Dance is a part of us and so is the practice. 

7. Know that Stretching isn't Optional.

Every exercise begins with stretch first and every practice begins with exercise. Dancers are masters of flexibility, and we know all the best stretches for splits, arabesques, leaps, you name it. (And yes, we do yoga.)


8. Know How to Commit.

Dancers don't say "I quit." They say "I can." They say "I will." We know that there is always another success, another award, another masterpiece, another dance move, another routine just around the corner and we don't want to miss it.