2018 is on its way, and while you might be mulling over your New Year’s resolutions and what exactly you should be doing when the clock strikes midnight, you should also be planning your wardrobe. The beginning of the year is the best time to plan not only how you want to act but also how you want to look. Why not start with Pantone’s Color of the Year?

This year’s color is ultraviolet which is perfect because it is cool, subtle, and an easy addition to any wardrobe – unless you aren’t a fan of purple. Check out these perfect items for making your wardrobe ultra cute.

1. A cropped sweater


Cropped sweaters will work well with all of your usual fashion staples from jeans to skirts, boots to heels. Added bonus: you can dance in this. Find this sweater at Forever21 for $10.90.

2. A casual cap


There is nothing easier to pull off than a baseball cap. Plus, it's the perfect all-year accessory! Find this canvas baseball cap at Forever21 for $7.90.

3. A sweater with sass


The winter season is all about sweaters, but no one ever said that your sweaters had to be boring! Try a sweater with embellishments like this one. Find it at Forever21 for $14.

4. Cozy up to a cardigan


A cardigan is the perfect way to make any outfit just a bit more cozy and comfortable. Plus, they come in so many different styles, so your perfect cardigan is out there! Get this one at Forever21 for $14.

5. Or rock something chic


Purple is the color of royalty after all, so why not rule over your wardrobe with an ultraviolet flare? Find this top at Forever21 for $14.90.

6. Don't forget the bottoms


You don't have to limit your color of the year additions to sweaters and other tops, include it in your accessories and pants. What could be cooler than purple pants? Find this fabulous athleisure at Forever21 for $15.90.