Most people don’t understand the time and effort required to be a dancer. However, when you are a dancer, you know how the hours of daily studio time add up, and the constant practices, competitions, and performances not only fill up your schedule but also build you your character – and, little did you know, your work ethic.

  1. 1 Discipline

    Spending hours every day in the studio exercising when there are lots of other things calling your name is a difficult task. Dancing fills up a schedule faster than most things, but having the will to stick with something so time-consuming just to improve your own skills is an important skill no matter where you put it to use.

  2. 2 Punctuality

    When you have hours of work ahead of you, being late is not an option. Rehearsals and studio time teach every dancer how to follow a strict schedule perfectly (and look good doing it).

  3. 3 Perfectionism

    A healthy dose of perfectionism is good for everyone. A dancer is constantly working on perfecting her form. This same quality translates into a desire to always be improving no matter what you are doing. Practice makes perfect!

  4. 4 Listening

    A good dancer is only as good as her ability to take criticism. Because dancing takes you on a path where there is always room for improvement, you are more willing to see comments from others as ways to better yourself and not as attacks on your talents.

  5. 5 Collaboration

    During her career, much of a dancer's efforts are put toward group routines, learning how her how own moves match up with the group's. Because of this, it is easier for you to work collaboratively on projects and use your strengths in tandem with other's not against.

  6. 6 Patience

    Every dancer knows you don't learn a routine in a day. In the same way, you know that things take time and each task that you have must be completed one step at a time.