1. This Sequined Flamingo One-Piece

Forever 21

There are few things quite as elegant and well-balanced as a flamingo, and a dancer is one of them. Hit the pool in this mint masterpiece and show off your own cool moves in the pool!

You can pick up this one-piece at Forever 21 for $24.90.

2. This High-Waisted Bikini with an Eye-Catching Pattern

Forever 21

This bikini is everything you could ask for. It's bringing the ever trendy high-waisted look to the water and pairing it with a mesmerizing pattern that you won't be able to look away from.

Forever 21 carries these bottoms for $32 and the top for $48

3. This Cross-Backed Mermaid Suit

Forever 21

If you ever need something to declare your mermaid status, this one-piece has got you covered! The soft pink color and rose gold lettering will definitely have you standing out (that and how many times you start belting out "Part of Your World").

Forever 21 will make this suit part of your world for $19.90.

4. This Flouncy Two Piece

Forever 21

If beach days make you miss your tutu, add a little frill to your wave time with this elegant bikini. It will probably even twirl with you when you start doing pirouettes poolside.

Pick up this number at Forever 21 for $38.

5. This Pool-Ready Hoodie

Forever 21

Do you ever miss your hip-hop style when it's time to go for a swim? Well, leave those beatless feelings behind! This bikini top is a styled like a cropped hoodie, so when you start showing off your fancy footwork in the water, you'll look the part!

Forever 21 carries this beat-iful bathing suit top for $17.90 and the bottoms for $12.90.