1. A Ballet Slipper Decal to Dancify all of Your School Supplies


This set of two pointe shoe decals is the perfect way to personalize a notebook, pencil case or laptop. 

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2. This Mirror to Turn Your Locker into the Perfect Place for a Dance Class


Big, shiny, and ready to show you how awesome you look every time you open your locker, this mirror is the perfect thing to get you through all those days you wake up late after you spent those extra hours working on a routine the night before. 

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3. This Pencil Case that Can Hold Pretty Much All of Your School Supplies


We know you probably have as much going on in your pencil case as you do in your dance bag. Stay prepared and organized with this canvas pencil case that has a compartment for pretty much anything. 

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4. These Pencils that are as Flexible as You Are


These pencils will have you bending over backward while you do your homework. The only problem? They're too fun!

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5. These Lunch Bags that Will Remind You that Dancers and Mermaids have Magic in Common


These bags are eco-friendly, food safe, and easy to clean. The only thing that could make them better is a bit of sparkle - oh wait, they have that, too.

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6. Sharpie Pens Because - Well, You Really Can't Learn Without Them


Whether you are using them to doodle or to actually take notes, Sharpies are a key element in any pencil case. Just don't share them! You'll probably never get them back. 

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