Moving from warm weather to warm colors, summer is fading fast and autumn is approaching. Time to pull out long sleeves and your favorite woodland accessories! Here are some things to get you started that you are sure to fall for!

1. This bracelet that features all the cute creatures that will be playing in the falling leaves.


Just don't lose this bracelet when you start jumping in piles of leaves! 

You can find this charming charm bracelet on Etsy for $15.

2. Trade your summer flower crowns for a soft knit headband.


It's a new season! That means new hair trends are on the way! Why not start your own?

This pumpkin-colored piece can be found on Etsy for $30.94.

3. Too chilly for a headband? Carry the pom-pom craze into this season!

Forever 21

A fabulous knit hat like this will have your friends in stitches of jealousy.

Get it at Forever 21 for $6.90.

4. These pumpkin colored geodes will have all your friends saying "Oh my gourd."


Define your fall style with this rocking necklace.

These gorgeous geodes can be found on Etsy for $34.

5. If your favorite part of fall is Halloween, these earrings will neigghh-ver let you down. 🦄


Of course, unicorns are fashionable for every season.

Find these boney beauties at Modcloth for $17.99.

6. Missing your summer sequins? We have you covered!

Forever 21

This gold cross body is sure to catch the rays of the fall sunshine and dapple you in sparkles. ✨

Find this bag at Forever 21 for $19.90.