If you haven't tried the amazing organization system called "bullet journaling" designed by Ryder Carroll, it might be the perfect way to get organized and increase your productivity. Bullet journaling focuses on being productive, but it does so by focusing on you. Unlike commercial planners, the bullet journal is 100% customizable because you design it! Working off of Ryder's basic system of organizing tasks, dates, and ideas, you can create a planner that allows you to do whatever you need. Whether you like to plan, journal, track, or just brighten your day with gorgeous aesthetics, the bullet journal system can be adapted for you.

Learn the bullet journaling basics from Ryder himself in this video:

Now that you know what a bullet journal is, you're probably wondering what you could possibly add to it to make it even better. Lucky for you, there is an entire community of bullet journalers who use their journals to keep their lives in order no matter what their hobbies, responsibilities, and interests are. 

If you are trying to move through 2018 more efficiently and positively with the help of a bullet journal, you might want to try some of these helpful tools.

  1. 1 Mood Trackers

    A mood tracker's job is simple. It helps you keep track of your best and worst days, so that you can look back on your past moods and figure out trends and ways to improve. Many bullet journalers use colors to track their moods, coloring in days in a calendar or numbered sections of a picture to assign moods to the corresponding days. 

    What's important about keeping a mood tracker? You can look back at your mood tracker and compare that mood to that day's events to find out what created that emotion. Then, you can use that knowledge to work to either reduce the occurrence of that mood (if it is negative) or encourage it (if it is positive) in the future. 

  2. 2 Journaling


    Whether you fully recount your day, jot down notes, or just record special moments, journaling is an effective way of expressing feelings in a quiet, private way that is completely in your control. Along with its many other purposes, bullet journals allow you to keep your thoughts together with the rest of a given day's tasks. If you are frustrated about how long your to-do list is, you can write out your frustrations right next to that list! Plus, because a bullet journal is only structured as much as you allow it to be, your journal can be written, photographic, pictographic, or whatever else you may need to express yourself. It doesn't really matter how you express yourself. All that matters is that you do.

  3. 3 Organization

    Whether you need to keep track of a year's worth of dates or a day's, your bullet journal can contain and help you organize everything from your plans for a road trip in three months to shopping you need to do today. You can even organize your journal to keep track of separate parts of your life. For instance, if you have many dates for both your school and dance schedules, you may want separate calendars or lists for each so that you can see everything at once without having to decipher the difference between dance classes and homework assignments.

  4. 4 Beauty

    Whether you write your notes in colorful gel pens or paste in pictures, your bullet journal can quickly become a beautiful place. This gives you a creative outlet, but also increases positivity by continuously giving you something to look at that makes you happy! That doesn't mean that you have to add color and pictures to your bullet journal, though! The important thing to consider when making your bullet journal a positive place for you is to make it something that you like! 

    If you like pictures and drawings, add them! But, if you don't, don't feel like you need an extravagant bullet journal to use the system. There are many bullet journalers who prefer simpler and more minimalist methods of keeping themselves organized.