1. Pink Ornaments


It doesn't really matter what shade of pink you use! Whether you prefer bright and bold Showstopper pink or a soft rose gold, pink will fit right in with your other Christmas ornaments. Pink Christmas ornaments look especially fabulous alongside gold and white decorations. 

2. Adorable Wrapping


Once you've picked your favorite pink and accent colors to go with it, start hunting for wrapping paper to match! Different patterns with complementary colors will make even the space under the tree an interesting and exciting part of your decor.

3. Glitter!

Un Beau Jour

It wouldn't be the holidays without a little extra sparkle! Find decorative letters or make your own to spell our your favorite words and phrases. (Don't forget to use biodegradable glitter!)

Learn how to make these ombre glitter letters here

4. Sweet Treats

Zucker Monarchie

All it takes is a drop of food coloring to add a dash of pink to all of your holiday treats. Or, if you're wrapping up treats to give as gifts, add other pink elements to make them as cute as they are delicious!