It’s a new year! That means it is time to reorganize and reset to give yourself the best chance of having an amazing year. There isn’t a better place to start than dance!

  1. 1 Clean Out Your Dance Bag


    Cleaning is, well, a chore, but you'll feel amazing once your dance bag is fresh, clean, and doesn't smell like sweat. So grab a trash bag for all of those snack wrappers and put on some music! This might take a while.

  2. 2 Change Up Your Wardrobe


    You don't necessarily have to go shopping for this, but changing up your wardrobe can be a simple way to refresh before going back to dance. You can do as much or as little as you want! Get rid of all of your old leotards and get new ones, or just mix and match your old dance outfits in ways you haven't before. A change doesn't have to be super expensive.

  3. 3 Review Your Schedule


    Think back over the past year and make a list of the ways you didn't like how you did things. Once you have that list, sit down with your schedule and improve it! Is your stretch routine making you late in the morning? Shrink it and add more stretches later in the day. Take the time to find a schedule that not only lets you get everything done but also leaves you time to improve.

  4. 4 Set a Goal


    Don't drift into the new year without a plan! Set at least one goal for yourself (you can always set more later), so that you can get a head start on being even more awesome this year. Don't forget to set realistic goals that will encourage you to work toward better things! You don't want your goals to hold you back.