The most important part of getting a new pair of tap shoes, or even making old ones last, is the way you take care of them. These easy tap shoe hacks will help you keep your shoes dance ready!

1. Get Rid of Scuff Marks with Melamine Foam


Magic erasers aren't just for crayon-covered walls! You can use melamine foam to easily remove dirt and scuff marks from your tap shoes.

2. Get Rid of Odor with Tea Bags


If your tap shoes aren't smelling too great after countless hours of practice, you can use tea bags to keep them fresh! All you have to do is leave out used tea bags to dry. Then, put them in the toes of your shoes and leave them overnight to absorb those dance class odors! 

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3. Fix Worn Screw Holes with Matchsticks


If your taps are always falling off because your screws just won't stay tight, it might be because they don't have anything to grip onto. To make your screws tighter, put a dot of wood or super glue in your screw hole and stick a wooden matchstick in the hole with the head facing up. Then, use scissors to cut the matchstick so it doesn't stick out of the screw hole. Then put your tap back on and screw it in! The matchstick will give the screw more to grip on to keeping your tap in place.

4. Blow Dry those Sweaty Shoes


If there is one thing pointe shoes do not like, it's moisture. Moisture will make tap shoes wear out faster (and make them smell bad). To prevent moisture from warping your shoes and making them wear out faster, just take time to blow dry your shoes whenever you are done using them. You can also put them away with silica gel packets in them to absorb any excess moisture (you know, those weird packets you find in shoe boxes).