Whether you are a student studying textbooks, a dancer studying stage directions and stretch schedules, or just someone that enjoys studying having the perfect space to work is key. The place you study affects your focus, your ability to retain the information you are studying, and how much you enjoy each study session. Because of this, knowing how to design your perfect study space is important! Luckily, it is also fun. If you don’t know what you want your study space to look like these elements are a good place to start!


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If you are constantly having to readjust or move around while you study, you will probably never be able to focus. That means you need to have a comfy place to sit while you read and take notes! Find a chair that fits your style, but make sure it is still the perfect place to center your focus. 

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You might not think that your clutter is distracting, but it can actually hinder your ability to retain information. A messy desk is a distracting desk. There is too much going on for you to be able to focus on the one thing that is important - what you are studying! Make sure to give everything a place (and those places can be as fabulous as you want).

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It is important to make your study space unique to you! Having a space that represents you will make you feel more at home and more relaxed when you study. Your style affects every part of your study space from the colors and patterns you use to the notebooks you buy! Embrace your style, and your perfect study space will come together easily.

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Having a cute study space is wonderful, but even more important than aesthetics is functionality. Think about what you will be using your study space for and set it up accordingly. If you will be reading, you will need a desk that has space for books and notebooks so you can read and take notes at the same time, but if you will only be working on a computer, then your desk might only need to be large enough to hold your computer. Once you know what you need to do your best studying, you can apply your style to it!