1. This Tree Tapestry

PB Teen

You probably can't fit a real tree into your bedroom (who would want to clean up the needles anyway?). So, decorate a tapestry! It takes up a lot less space, and you easily redecorate it and move it around as much as you want. 

Find this tapestry at PB Teen for $39.

2. Or this cozy pouf

PB Teen

Nothing says winter like faux fur! Grab a pouf or cozy beanbag chair to make the cold season a little more bearable. 

Find this beanbag at PB Teen for $195.

3. A Disco Ball!?

PB Teen

It would probably be a bad idea to have it actually snow in your room, but the mellow, reflections of a disco ball have pretty much the same effect!

Get this disco ball at PB Teen for $76.99.

4. Flameless Candles

PB Teen

Winter makes us think of gorgeous cold scenery and warm cozy time indoors. Bring some warmth to your room without the danger of real fire with some glittery flameless candles! 

You can find these gorgeous gold candles at PB Teen for $19.50.