Monday can often be the hardest day of the week. Your head is still stuck in the fun of the weekend even though it is time to get back to work. Even worse, you have a million things to keep you distracted and unmotivated. We’re starting off the week by putting down our phones and picking up our energy!

Take a Walk


Starting the week (or any day really) off with a walk or some form of exercise is as easy way to get some extra energy and excitement. Exercise clears your head, it energizes you, and it leaves you wanting to achieve more. So, go outside and take a walk! Even if you only walk to down your street and back, it's one step toward a better week.

Talk to a Friend (In Person)


We have our friends at our fingertips pretty much 24/7. We can text, Skype, DM, Facebook, and more! But, connecting to people virtually is not the same as connecting to them in person, and it doesn't have nearly the same amount of benefits. 

So, go meet a friend for lunch or just hang out! Being social makes you happier and more motivated. Your friends and family are your biggest support system! 



If you didn't start your week off dancing, you didn't start your week. Dancing provides us with nearly everything we need to succeed! It is social, physical, and mental. It gives us confidence and strength. It even makes us happier! The easiest way to get through Monday (and the rest of the week) is to dance through it.