1. Stretch

A good way to stretch for your leaps is to do passés and développés while sitting. Make sure not to tense your back while you're doing this!


It's also good to do wide-legged split stretches to open up and stretch your hips.

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2. Power!

Getting higher into the air when you leap can be tough, but you can do it! Look up! Looking down can direct your body down and lower the heigh of your leap.


Plié on the last step before your leap to propel yourself higher into the air!


3. Excercise

Leaping requires strong legs and stronger ankles. Using ankle weights during barre work and while doing simple steps on the floor can work wonders for building muscles.

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Dos and Don'ts


  • Work on ankle strengthening exercises
  • Stretch
  • Practice pliés


  • Use weights that are too heavy for you
  • Over-exercise (know your limits)
  • Get discouraged (You've got this!!!)