Every Day is based on David Levithan's novel of the same name. Books based on movies are tricky because you never know if the film will live up to the book, but we have been getting more and more excited for Every Day ever since the trailer was released in December. The movie will make its debut on the big screen on February 23, but before then there are a few things you should do to prepare. 

  1. 1 Read the Book


    If you haven't already read the book the movie is based on, you're missing out! A's story is not only dramatic and interesting, but they're strange situation makes every moment of the book an incredible cliffhanger. You never know where the book will take you and the characters next. This paired with David Levithan's gorgeous and poetic writing style is a treat! (Plus, there is a sequel from Rhiannon's point of view called Another Day.)

  2. 2 Prepare for the Feels

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    It wouldn't be such an amazing story if it didn't make you feel, well, everything. Grab some tissues and your sense of adventure!

  3. 3 Grab Your BFFs


    This movie is probably going to be incredible! Share that amazing experience with your BFFs (they won't want to miss out either)! Besides, when the feels get to be too much, you'll need someone to share them with.