As dancers, we know that stretching is important. It keeps your muscles limber and flexible and allows you to perform safely with a greater range of motion. But stretches do even more than that! Stretches help you develop healthy routines that not only help you as an athlete but also as a person. 

Stretch Your Way to Motivation

Exercise has been shown to increase energy, happiness, and overall health. Stretches are a small section of exercise, but they are one that can be done pretty much anywhere at any time. Because of this, keeping a consistent stretch routine is an easy way encourage yourself to be a happier and more motivated person! Stretching can't take away all of your stress, but it can certainly help you reduce it!

Stretch Your Way to Success

Many of the physical goals you set for yourself as a dancer rely heavily on stretching. When you are working toward a new tilt, split, or even just perfecting a move you already know, having the proper flexibility and range of motion is key. Stretches allow you to exercise specific muscles in ways that allow them to develop both in strength and moveability. 

Stretch Your Way to Balance

Even the small things in our lives can cause muscle tightness that throws us off balance. Carrying a backpack or purse can leave one or both shoulders tense. The things we do impact our muscles and stretching allows us to effectively reset our muscles, allowing us to be balanced and comfortable.