Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and while you’re preparing to eat a ton of food and spend time with your family, we’ve been preparing to have the cutest Thanksgiving ever. Here’s how we are throwing a dash of glitter and a splash of pink on this fall holiday!

1. Polka Dots


There is just something about polka dots and confetti that makes everything a bit more fun. We love bright colors, so we'll be throwing pink and gold all over our table!

2. Gold

A Kailo Chic Life

We love to keep gold in our fall color palette. It matches the yellows and browns outside, and it makes everything inside just a bit more glam! So, grab a garland of gold leaves or throw some gold splatter paint on your pumpkins like these ones!

3. Pink!


Isn't this ombre pumpkin centerpiece adorable? We think so too! We're partial to pink, but any bright color can make your Thanksgiving a little more bright and cute!