Only a few days into the new year, we already have a new hair trend! We don't know what we expected 2018 to bring, but an ice cream inspired look was not it. The trend developed in the same way that the La Croix hair trend did - with a contest. 

Scruples Hair Care challenged 10 talented stylists to create a fabulous new look based on the flavors (and their corresponding packaging) of Halo Top ice cream flavors. The best part? The sweet treat's variety of flavors lead to hairstyles that reach in every direction from bold and colorful to gorgeous new takes on natural shades. You won't be able to look at these without wanting one of the styles for yourself - or at least a pint of Halo Top ice cream.

Style 1: Peanut Butter Cup

Las Vegas-based Leysa Hair and Makeup was inspired by the peanut butter cup flavor to create not one but two hairstyles. One style is excitingly unnatural with bold sections of hair in brown and bright orange while the other is gorgeously curly in a natural chocolatey brown.

Style 2: Lemon Cake

High fashion hairstylist Megan Schipani, created possibly one of the only yellow looks we would ever want to wear. Her lemon cake look is citrus perfection and perfect for any festival look.

Style 3: Black Cherry

Perfect for anyone still holding on to the oh so gorgeous amethyst hair trend, this black cherry look is perfect for anyone who wants a darker look.

Style 4: Chocolate

Obviously, everyone's favorite flavor would make a gorgeous look! It is clear that this look's creator, Mika Rogerson had a lot of fun with this look based on all of her incredible Instagram photos of it. 

Style 5: Rainbow Swirl

2017 might have been a year full of unicorn and rainbow-inspired looks, but stylist Robin Del Toro isn't letting them go. Her rainbow swirl style is great for any unicorn looking to change it up.

Style 6: S'mores

If you're looking for beachy waves, look no further! Ryan Weeden's s'mores-inspired look is ready for the surf and sand.

Style 7: Birthday Cake

We couldn't imagine that the birthday cake flavor would be anything but colorful, but this is even better than expected! Creator Christina Cheeseman made sure this hair looks like a party!

Style 8: Cinnamon Roll

It's no wonder stylist Brit Wright posed her model with wings. This style is angelic!

Style 9: Red Velvet

Red velvet's style is perfect for any personality whether your dainty or 100% rock and roll.

Style 10: Sea Salt Caramel

The final style is this sugary sweet lineup is sea salt caramel. Another take featuring a more natural look, this style is perfect for any occasion.