This month, a record you’ve probably never heard of was broken by dancers you would never expect. In a large plaza in Guangzhou, China, 1,100 robots set out to dance in sync to break the world record for most robots dancing simultaneously.

This is Dobi, a Robot designed by WL Intelligent Tech


Designed to be a fun toy with a lot of personality, Dobi can tell stories, do yoga, and, of course, dance. The company wanted to showcase their new robotic masterpiece by breaking a world record, so they brought 1,100 Dobi robots to a plaza and programmed them to dance in sync. 1,069 of the robots accomplished the feat. The other 31 dancing robots toppled over during the routine when various moves proved too much for them (practice makes perfect, even for robots) and they were disqualified from the record. 

This Guinness World Record was previously held by another Chinese group, Ever Win Company, who brought 1,007 robots together to create a stiff and glowing flash mob. 

Here are the robots in action!