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Let’s Go Thrift Shopping! Essential Thrifting Tips

If you are looking for the coolest ways to shop, look no further.

5 Songs from “West Side Story” (2021) Living in Our Minds Rent-Free

Consider this our parody: "A Musical Like That/I Have a Song"

Cade Hoppe is “pushing [himself] to be as open and honest as possible,” and He’s Starting with His New Single “Hurts”

"I think you can definitely see a shift from the last releases into this one, both sonically and visually, and that was intentional."

Reagan To Calls Fans’ Reactions to Her “Squid Game” Role “a dream come true”

"I wanted to become an actress one day so I can make movies to entertain everyone."

Brooklynne Webb’s Pop Debut was All Comedy

Can we get her an award for this!?

3 Glam Looks for Celebrating Your New Year, New You

What are your fashion resolutions?

Biletska’s “Obstacles” is a Song to Get Lost In

Siri, play "Obstacles" on repeat!

✨The Sparkle Society ✨

Caroline Romano’s Music is All About Exploring Other Lives

"I want to live as much as I can, and if I could, I'd live almost every version of life out there."

The “Brat TV Awards” Debut This Week

What's your favorite category?

Kristin McQuaid’s Inspiring New Show Really Makes Us Want to Find Our Next Talent

"It's fun to see where sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed, but I'm still having fun the whole time."

Hello, December! We MUST Read These New Books

What are you reading this month?
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