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Sophie Pecora’s New Single is a Relatable Look at Anxiety

"Man, I always got this lump in my throat..."

Kyla Carter’s Musical Debut is a Sunny Single About Being Yourself

"...having confidence in yourself is more important than what others think of you."

Sean and Kaycee are Back

It's their first collab of 2021.

Taylor Swift Just Announced Her First Rerecording

It's Taylor's Version!

10 Black Dancers who Changed the Dance World

From ballet to tap and all across the world, these dancers were trailblazers, boundary breakers, and unforgettable performers.

We’re in Love with These February Must-Reads

What is your ideal romance tale?

You Can Spread Some Valentine’s Day Joy with St. Jude’s This Year

We're going to send so many Valentine's!

Kraft is Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Pink Mac and Cheese

Would you share it with your valentine?

✨The Sparkle Society ✨

Selena Gomez Just Announced a Spanish EP

"my first ever Spanish EP"

Animal Crossing Just Announced a New Character and He’s a Dancer

He's bringing sequins, sparkles, and confetti to the island in February.

Meet Melvin A.C. Howell, Showstopper’s First Dance Battle Champion

"I'm thankful that I did get to battle [Matty] because he actually pushed me to reach through my creativity."

Billie Eilish and Rosalía Dropped a Heavy Latin Track

Billie sings in Spanish!

Amanda Gorman has TWO Books Coming Out This Year, and We’re So Excited

We're already counting down the days until fall.

Selena Gomez’s New Single is an Exploration of Self-Love in Spanish

"No tengo a ti (I don’t have you) / Me tengo a mi ​(I have myself)"

Isaiah Crews Gives Us an Inside Look at “Side Hustle” and His Love of Comedy

He says his character is like a "teddy bear."

Blue Ivy is All of Us in Dance Class

Dance your heart out!
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