How to Introduce Your Students to the World of Professional Dance

As a teacher, you have already gone through the process of turning your passion for dance into a career. Your students, however, are just...

What’s in My Dance Bag?: Connor Finnerty

For Connor Finnerty, looking good for the ladies in dance class is as important as perfecting his combinations. https://youtu.be/z6a0CRpwX5Y

This Casting Call is Just Over The Rainbow

The Growing Stage Theatre for Young Audiences Inc. is seeking actors and singers for The Royal Shakespeare Company's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. Those that attend...

Dance Might Be Your Passion, But Your Other Interests Can Strengthen It

As a dancer, most of your time is dedicated to dance either in the studio or on stage. For many dancers, this means several...

You Can Find Self-Love Through Selfies

Whether you are a social media star or just someone that likes to create memories, you have probably taken at least once selfie in...

You’re Going to Want to Make These Back-to-School Routines a Habit

A brand new school year is right around the corner. That means you’re probably raiding the office aisle of Target for cute notebooks and...

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