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Selena Gomez’s New Single is an Exploration of Self-Love in Spanish

"No tengo a ti (I don’t have you) / Me tengo a mi ​(I have myself)"

Isaiah Crews Gives Us an Inside Look at “Side Hustle” and His Love of Comedy

He says his character is like a "teddy bear."

Blue Ivy is All of Us in Dance Class

Dance your heart out!

Taylor Swift Loves This New Song As Much as You Do

I say that's my baby and I'm really proud 😢 💗 👏

Broadway is Getting a Lot Less Pink

Mean Girls won't be returning.

The 2021 Grammys Have Been Postponed

It is now scheduled for March.

✨The Sparkle Society ✨

Could These January Must-Reads be Your First Books of 2021?

What's your 2021 book goal?

Make Glam Look Effortless with These Trendy Holiday Looks

Love your leotard, no matter the occasion!

Aria Brooks Talks Her Forthcoming Debut Album and 2021 Goals

"One of my main goals is to show people that you can be successful without changing yourself to fit the industry’s mold."

Try These 2020 Makeup Trends Before The New Year

We're going all out.

Everything You Need to Know About Updating Your Warmup and Cooldown for Winter

Adapting for cooler weather is essential for getting the most out of your cold-weather workouts and studio sessions.

Taylor Swift is Dropping (ANOTHER) New Album Tonight

🚨 This is not a drill! 🚨

These are the Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2020

What are your top 10?

The Academy has Big Plans for the 2021 Oscars

What films are you hoping to see make the deadline?

Radio Disney is Shutting Down in 2021

RIP to childhood jam sessions.
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