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Caroline Romano’s Music is All About Exploring Other Lives

"I want to live as much as I can, and if I could, I'd live almost every version of life out there."

The “Brat TV Awards” Debut This Week

What's your favorite category?

Kristin McQuaid’s Inspiring New Show Really Makes Us Want to Find Our Next Talent

"It's fun to see where sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed, but I'm still having fun the whole time."

Hello, December! We MUST Read These New Books

What are you reading this month?

These Broadway Musicals are Coming to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

It's going to be a deliciously wicked Thanksgiving full of razzle dazzle, rock, and cabaret.

Sydney Morgan on Her Love of Makeup and Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness

She found her passion, but she wants to educate people on the life changes that got her there.

This is the BEST of 2021 Fall Fashion

Layers, layers, layers!

OMG, The Dance in Tate McRae’s New Music Video

Noelle Marsh outdid herself.

Cancel Your Plans. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is Here

We remember it ALL TOO WELL.
Showstopper 2021 Fall Convention Tour

✨The Sparkle Society ✨

Rachael Fahim on The Mindblowing Experience of Being at the Top of the Charts and Her New Single

"I’m just doing what I do and it amazes me that there are people who are also enjoying this ride with me too."

Glinda and Elphaba Have Been Cast for “Wicked” Movie

We can't wait to see this duo on screen!

Madison Reyes’ New Single is a Bestie Bop

Who's your Main Thing?

Ryan Buggle Stars in a Spooky New Thriller Alongside Kiernan Shipka

There's something spooky happening in this town...

Jeffrey James on “Songs I Found in the Year I Lost” and How the Pandemic Changed His Creative Process

"2020 gave me nothing but time to sit and listen to my unreleased music and rediscover songs that still resonate with me."
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